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Glaive Swordsman Tyrfing Traditional paint to Digital Painting

Glaive Swordsman Tyrfing
Glaive Swordsman "Tyrfing" - cursed sword. Glaive is the only swordsman that can use the cursed "tyrfing". Glaive is one of the legendary swordsman that rumored killed thousands of brave warriors. His origin is unknown.

First step: using traditional painting
materials used: Oil (Reeves: Ivory Black), Canvass small, 2 paintbrush.

Final step: scan it using (photo taken using S6), then edit it Photoshop CS6.

Benedick bana samurai final lores


Benedick bana 20151007 213502 lores

materials used and the painting.

Benedick bana original samurai brush ink lores2

scan (photo taken using S6)

Benedick bana samurai lores

editing in Photoshop CS6