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Crimson Lock with WIP

My 2nd take using traditional painting to Digital Painting. This time, I focus only on the head (mech) powering up. (Photo taken using S6)

Benedick bana deadlock helm final lores

final render

Benedick bana 20151011 163417 lores

beginning stage and materials used

Benedick bana 20151011 163609 lores

looking for a good shape

Benedick bana 20151011 164912 lores

final silhuoette

Benedick bana 20151011 170007 lores

adjusting light

Benedick bana wip 003 crimson lock build up lores

begin details

Benedick bana wip 004 altrnete design lores

alternate design

Benedick bana wip 005 crimson lock build up detailing

start detailing